Q1.May I ride a bicycle on the day of the school field trip?

A1. No. Please come to the site on foot. If we find that you hide your bycycle somewhere like a student's house near the meeting point, we will contact your parents imeddeately.

Q2.Do bananas count as a snack?

A2.It's controversial. If you want to be safer, cut the bananas and put it in your lunch box, and put vegetables such as cabbage and tomatoes in your box.
In that case, you have a proper excuse that it is just a salada.

Q3.May I put Pocari Sweat in the water bottle?

A3.A3.No. The contents of the water bottle allows a barley tea or water. If you have any other drinks in your bottle and we find it, we discard it ASAP.

Q4.How many snacks can I bring to the school trip?

A4.It will be up to 500 yen including tax. Please purchase in a well-balanced manner by the trip. It is forbidden to spend it all 500 yen for "Umaibo" sticks.

Q1.Do I have to do my homework while traveling?
A1.Yes, you must.
Q2.May I buy souvenir on the trip?
A2.You will allow to buy a suvenior only last day of the trip.

Q1.Do the inn prepair bath towel for us ?
A1.No, they don't. You bring it yourself if you need.